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CAsoft Office Managment Chartered Account Software

CA Softis low cost and most effective Office Automation Software for Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants which would solve several problems, such as planning and execution of tasks, delay in service to client,improper utilization of resources. This software would be your personal assistance to solve these and other several problems. It helps you to manage your client and their jobs, timely execution of all important tasks. This will create a performance culture and better planning.

Technical Features:

  • Low total-cost-of-ownership amongst comparable systems.
  • Leverages on existing infrastructure.
  • Scalable to suit growing business needs.
  • Complements your Software Investments.
  • Integrates with most current IT systems like E-mail, SMS.


  • Stimulates employee alignment.
  • Creates a performance culture.
  • Aids better planning, better decisions.
  • Delivers significant cost-savings.
  • Improves administrative responsiveness & efficiency.
  • Enables greater employee satisfaction, fuels productivity.

Manages Office & Work More Effectively:

  • Manage the Client Database in effective way as per category.
  • Assign the Task & Client to employee & keep track of the same.
  • Set the deadlines for every task like VAT, ST Payment/ Return.
  • Reminders for Due Dates and Pending Work.
  • Manage the documents effortlessly for Client & each project.
  • Manage the office work like bill payments, document inward/ outward, simply with the software.
  • Improvise the office internal communication to avoid any hassles.
  • Send the reminder SMS to Client from the application with single click.
  • Save the documents in digital format for each client.
  • Access to individual client accounts data from the application directly help you manage data effectively.
  • Monitoring every steps of the work flow.

What can you do on it?

  • Assigning Services to the Client.
  • Assigning the job to the Employee.
  • Setting the start and end time and date for the job.
  • Specifying the document requirement list to the client.
  • Tracking if the document is received from the client.
  • After checking the document if it is not proper again asking the client for the same document.
  • Making sure the document is proper with us in time.
  • Reminding the client for the document.
  • Assigning Document to the services.
  • Scheduling the time frame for the services.
  • Setting the time duration to the service to get it done.
  • Work allocation capacity for each employee.